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The initial focus of the Tembo Foundation has been in South Africa where the impact of HIV and AIDS has caused untold suffering in that region. Members of our Foundation work together with churches and church leaders so that the help and financial support we provide is sure to reach those children in need.


The Tembo Foundation is non-denominational and non-governmental organization. We have no political affiliations. We simply follow the word of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Our History
In 2004, through series of interesting events, the Rev. Peter Tembo came to work at Richmond Industries in Dayton, New Jersey. Over time, the President, Keith DiGrazio and many of the employees of Richmond Industries learned about the life and pastoral experiences of the Rev. Tembo working at the Pentecosal Assembly of Zimbabwe. Rev. Tembo spoke of untold suffering of the children of Harare, Zimbabwe and of his desire to help them “as a loving father would.” Mr. DiGrazio and the employees of Richmond Industries were determined to help the Rev. Tembo make a difference in the lives of these impoverished children.  As a result of the significant contributions made and support provided by Richmond Industries, the Tembo Foundation was founded.


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"No man is so tall as when he stoops
to help a child."

-Abraham Lincoln

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